Top 5 Places to visit near Alibaug

Quite apparently, Alibaug had taken over Goa as the favorite destination for Aamchi Mumbai! Be its famous celebrities or the adventurous kind, Alibaug seem to have made a special place in every Mumbaikar’s heart. It is just 2 hours away from Mumbai. Nowadays Punekars also following the same trend. So if you are in Mumbai or in Pune, and wondering what could be the place to travel on weekends? Then Alibaug is the answer! Here are the best 5 places to visit in Alibaug apart from routine visiting to beaches-

1. Alibaug Beach

Alibaug beach is situated at a distance of just 1 km from the main town of Alibaug and is one of the most visited places of this town. The beauty of this beach gets enhanced by the presence of Kolaba Fort which is situated in the midst of sea water. Alibag beach is a highly crowded place and remains filled with delicious street food joints all around it. Often considered as a picnic spot for couples, this place also offers various water sports for adventure lovers. Alibaug beach is counted among the pollution-free zones of the town and is a must visit for beach lovers.

Alibaug Beach

2. Kanakeshwar Forest

Kanakeshwar forest is an intensely dense forest and is one of the untouched places in Alibaug. This forest is an evergreen forest and houses some of the most dangerous species of reptiles and mammals. Among the major species that are found here, snakes, panthers, mountain lizards and wild boars are the important ones. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, Kanakeshwar forest will serve as a dream destination for you. This place is situated at a height of around 300 m and also houses a small Shiva temple at its top.


3. Hirakot Fort

Located at the north-western part of Alibaug, Hirakot Fort is one of the best picks for spending some great time with friends or families surrounded by greenery and beautiful views of the lake. If you are planning to visit to Alibaug, you should not miss the beautiful black structure of Hirakot Fort! This fort has a lot of history to explore. It is built of big blocks of black basalt rock which gives it a shiny look. A well-maintained place with cool weather and a calm atmosphere.

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4. Karmarkar Museum

Karmarkar Museum is located approximately 18 Kms from Alibaug on the Alibaug-Rewas Road & 4 Kms from Ecobaug. It is located in Sasawane. Sculptors are made by Late Mr. Nanasaheb Karmarkar which is displayed in his own bungalow. There about 150 beautifully carved sculptures displayed here. The exhibition is open the whole day throughout the week and entry fee is just Rs.5/-. Karmarkar’s sculptures are a pleasure to see.

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5. Teenvira Dam

Located in Alibaug, spread over 1 acre of land at the edge of Teenvira Dam – one can experience the beauty and wonder of nature and life in Biodiversity Park. This park has over 500 native species of plants which are extremely rare and unique! One can also get a chance to spot different species of insects and butterflies. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city – this place is ideal for nature lovers to experience the serene beauty and calmness of this park.

Teenvira Dam

Alibaug is not just for beach, the city has a historical value also which is still unknown to tourist. Here you can find the unique places to visit in Alibaug :